Bespoke Development

AutoSLM is a software development company that employees a development team and project managers, we also host and manage our own server network.

We specialise in building web based applications for the motor industry. As well as our off the shelf products we also offer custom software development to build any additions or custom systems features you need for your business

If you are thinking of having something custom built, let us give you a quote for the work, contact us today.


Our consultants have worked in the motor industry for many years, and can offer guidance and help with any issue.
We are software specialists and can advise on what a dealership needs and recommend any software you might need to run your dealership. We have years of experience of finding out what works and what doesn't work, so please ask our advice if you need it, we will be happy to help.

Integrated Solutions

From the very first day AutoSLM was starting to be built from scratch, we took the design approach that our software needs should not be a isolated island, it needs to link to everyone and everything in a dealership. So we offer a full API suite any software company can connect to, and we are ahppy to connect to any other software system to pass data. We understand that double keying customers details is just a waste of time for your staff, so we want to make the data flow between systems as easily as possible. We link to any system that can accept a link.

We already have a large list of integration partners, please take a look at our list and if a system you need to link to is not on there, let us know.

Book a demo

Book a demo of the system with one of our consultants. They will work around your schedule to demo the system over video conference / screen share. Let us know the best time for you.

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